General information

The M.H.E. Clinic started in 1990. It is a private clinic for psychosomatic disorders, residing in a former hotel in the centre of a small town called Mora. The M.H.E. Clinic works with inpatient treatment as well as outpatient treatment.

The M.H.E. Clinic has room for 12 inpatients. These beds are used mainly for patients with anorexia or bulimia nervosa. The outpatient treatment also concerns eating disorders, but many of these patients suffer from other disorders, like sexual problems, pain, phobias, anxiety, depression and so on.

The M.H.E. Clinic is well known in Sweden as one out of a few treatment centres with a specialized program for eating disorders. It is the only clinic that uses intensive problem-solving psychotherapy along with pedagogical teaching and practical training to help the patient take control over problems with food, eating, body and social life.

Patients are referred to the clinic from all over Sweden (and also from other countries), by doctors and other medical professionals. The treatment is usually paid for by the state. Today we have patients on a waiting list for about one to three months before they can begin treatment.