Treatment method

For patients with eating disorders we have a unique treatment method. The patients stay at the clinic for one week and get intensive therapy, both individually and in a group setting. Then they go back home for three weeks, carrying out carefully selected home assignments, specially adapted to them as individual patients, to practice their therapeutic learning in their own social environment. Then they come back for another week of therapy, after which they go back home for three weeks again. And so on. We call it an interval-treatment arrangement. Compared to other specialized treatment methods in Sweden, both in private clinics and hospitals, our method is very cost-effective.

The total treatment comprises six periods of intensive inpatient treatment and practising at home, and usually takes about six months alltogether. After that we keep in touch with the patients, for evaluation and follow-up, for five years, which also gives us the possibility to help the patient get back on the right track in case of severe relapses.

The treatment method is rather comprehensive and integrative, developed since 1982. Before the clinic started we used the method on an outpatient basis at Mora hospital.

The method is rooted in Ericksonian and Strategic Psychotherapy. We use paradoxical interventions, strategies of different kinds, hypnosis, homework assignments, and so on. An important part is a pedagogical model of the anatomy and physiology of the body, used in strategic way, to teach the patient how to eat and stay thin in a healthier way. We also use cognitive therapy and body therapy as parts in the treatment method.