The M.H.E. Clinic is a private clinic, specialized in the treatment of eating disorders and other psychosomatic disorders. It started in 1991, in the centre of a small town called Mora in Sweden. The M.H.E. Clinic works since september 2019 only with outpatient treatment (before that also inpatient treatment). We still have treatment for people traveling from far away, but now patients may stay at a hotel/hostel by night and participate in outpatient treatment during daytime.

The therapists at the clinic are all licenced psychotherapists with education in CT/psychodynamic therapy. They  have long experience working with people with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD. The treatment model used for people with eating disorders is an unique model developed at the clinic. It has it roots in Ericksonian therapy combined with methods from solution focused therapy and CBT.