Outpatient psychotherapy

The M.H.E. Clinic offers outpatient psychotherapeutic sessions for persons with eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD etc. All the therapists are licenced psychotherapists with education in CT/psychodynamic therapy. They also have education and experience working with methods as EMDR, hypnosis, Intensive Psychodynamic Short term Therapy and Mentalization Based Therapy.

Patients with abuse problems, psychotic problems or with active suicide risk can not be treated at the clinic.

The majority of the patients get their treatment at the clinic paid by their home hospital. Others by insurance companies or their employer. Some pay by themselves for the sessions.

Outpatient psychotherapy treatment cost:

– 150 SEK (no cost if you are under 20 yo) if a hospital in Sweden pays for the sessions.

– 1350 SEK if the patient pay by themselves.

-1350 SEK if insurance companies/employer pays.