Interval treatment

The M.H.E. Clinic do not longer offer inpatient treatment. We do have outpatient treatment and offer this to patients who have other support (medical support etc) in other places.

The vision is to adapt the treatment to every single patients personality, needs and goals. The goal is also to treat the whole person, both the eating disorder but also other problems and underlying factors if needed. We also think it is important to help the patients to learn to take own responsibility for their body, eating and health.

Patients from all parts of Sweden and also from other countries come to the clinic for treatment. The staff speak both swedish and english. Many of the patients get the treatment at the clinic paid by their home hospitals. Others by insurance companies or their employer. Some also pay by themselves for the treatment.


Interval treatment costs

– 1350:- for 45 min psychotherapy (individual outpatient therapy)

If you are interested in knowing more about our treatment model contact us at +46250-13060 or